How it works

« Sound art aims to make people listen more attentively to their surroundings. On a soundwalk this happens in a very direct way: a particular route is followed while listening to a recorded sound composition through headphones. »  Ina Boiten, Soundtrackcity

« Our collective project was to create a soundwalk around the city center of Reykjavik, freely available for everybody, allowing people to explore and experience Reykjavik in unique way. » Marie Guilleray, sound artist and creator of the project

How it works?
With an mp3 player or a smartphone and a set of headphones, visitors make a trip of about 60 minutes. Along the way they listen to a mix of ambient sound, music and a specially composed soundscape. They can walk whenever they want and they can decide when to pause or resume their walk.

The itinerary is the one shown in the map below. It starts at the church Hallgrímskirkja and finishes at the same place. Basically the itinerary goes from Hallgrímskirkja to Solfar, also known as the Viking Monument, then to Harpa, the old harbour, Reykjavik Town Hall, the pond, and it goes back to Hallgrímskirkja. The walk takes about 1 hour and visitors are encouraged to follow the path on the map below.

Routes & steps


In principle, people listen to the entire soundwalk while they are following the itinerary. You can download the entire soundwalk for free here by clicking of the icon « download » under the track (see icon below).


Enjoy !

The tracks
From A to B – Hallgrímskirkja to the Sun Voyager: « Town Down » by Johannes Mandorfer (Austria)
From B to C – The Sun Voyager to Harpa: Dísa Hreiðarsdóttir (Iceland)
From C to D – Harpa to the old habour: Luca Brembilla (Italy)
From D to E – The old habour to the Town Hall: Beth Elin Byberg (Norway)
From E to F – The Town Hall to Hljómskálagarður: Marie Guilleray (France)
From F to G – Hljómskálagarður to Hallgrímskirkja: Bjarni Gunnarsson (Iceland)

Visitors of Reykjavik taking this soundwalk have to be responsible for their safety on the streets. They should use a « semi-opened » headphones set, so they can hear the surrounding sounds! They should not walk with a « closed » headphones set. We are not liable for any inconvenience or harm that may resulting from participating in this soundwalk. This audio walk is for personal use only.

All rights reserved © 2015 the authors.