Sound artists

Marie Guilleray (France) 

Marie Guilleray is a vocalist, composer and sound artist. She works mainly in the context of improvised, experimental and electronic music. As a performer, she focuses on contemporary music, free improvisation, the development of vocal extended techniques and the combination of voice and electronics. As a composer and sound artist, she operates in various configurations such as fixed media pieces, live electronics pieces, site specific works as well as field recordings, soundwalks and dance performances. She is a member of several ensembles such as Royal Improvisers Orchestra, MGBG, Sonology Electro-acoustic Ensemble, Either/Or Quartet and she collaborates on various experimental, improvised and electronic music projects. Marie is currently a Research Associates at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague and she is the curator of the monthly experimental music series Ephémère at Studio Loos – Loos Foundation (The Netherlands).

Johannes Mandorfer (Austria)

Johannes Mandorfer (1987) is an Austrian student of Art and Communication Practices and German Philology, who started within and besides his study to follow his interests in the various forms of the interplay between sound and the visual. He is interested in making and accounting for experiences of auditive and visual impressions, in processes of recording, using found footage, of rearranging and combining and tries to sustain a questioning, interested attitude towards this effective „partnership“, but also for each of these parts themselves. Especially the role and impact of sound, its concrete effect on us, listening, which can often simply not be described in rational terms of meaning and signification is something like a recurrent issue and source of motivation in working on musical pieces and fragmental works. Though having an decidedly autodidactical approach to the field of sound and music he considers these ways of making music by playing the drums, playing the piano and creating sounds digitally as designing, as working on an immaterial „thing“, that in its sidelines always tells us something about space, about distance, about the character of surfaces and people, about time, about materiality and the machines and means for reproducing it. Johannes so far is focused on making pieces in the fields of Performance and Recording/Editing and is cheerfully involved in two band projects in Vienna: by name A Basement In Bloom and Ford Madox Ford.

Beth Elin Byberg (Norway)

Beth Elin Byberg graduated from Royal Academy of Music, London in 1999, with the prize for the best exam in her class. Since then she has worked as a freelance piano-accompanist and accompanied well known classical singers in the nordic countries. In the west of Norway Beth Elin is known for several productions in the byre and barn “fjosopera”, this was an attempt of presenting opera for farmers/people who never experienced opera before. This was followed up with a similar idea in “opera in disguise”. Beth Elin has also been in several productions at Rogaland Theater, this has been an inspiration for her in the work of presenting music in other forms than in the traditional concert room /concert setting. These days Beth Elin has started to take an interest in another styles in addition to classical music; pop/jazz, both in accompaniment and composing/singing/playing. Beth Elins final exam at Listaháskollin Islands 2014, is about the balance/importance in familiar factors in the music or surroundings in a concert/production.

Dísa Hreiðarsdóttir (Iceland)

Dísa Hreiðarsdóttir is a composer, musician and a teacher.  She started playing the piano at the age of 8 and then added the flute and percussion in her teenage years.  Dísa graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2011, where she studied composition, specializing in music for theatre.  Dísa has worked with various bands and artists through the years both playing the piano and the drums.  She is currently the drummer of the band Grúska Babúska as well as having a solo project, where she sings and plays her own songs.  Dísa has written music for dance and theatre, participating in festivals, such as Reykjavík Dance Festival, Art Fart and Gróska.  She is currently getting her masters degree in music/NAIP  in the Iceland Academy of the Arts and will graduate in the year 2014.

Luca Brembilla (Italy)

Luca Brembilla is a young guitarist and composer from Bergamo, Italy. He began by studying classical guitar and graduated with a Master Degree in ‘Classical Guitar Performance’ at the ‘Luca Marenzio’ Conservatoire of Brescia in 2010. In the same year he also graduated in ‘Science and Technologies of Musical Communication’ from the ‘Milan State University’. Alongside the study of the classical music he developed his own style by playing  in several modern, contemporary and fusion music formations. His interest in music as a universal language brought him to develop the concept of “Music as Music” regardless of stylistic and genre preconceptions. Improvisation and experimentation are key elements in his production so in 2013 he completed a Master of Music in ‘New Audiences and Innovative Practice’ attending both the ‘Prince Claus Conservatory’ of Groningen in the Netherlands and the ‘Iceland Academy of the Arts’ in Reykjavik. Luca was awarded a grant from the Icelandic Arts Council for his Master graduation concert-performance ‘Riding the Extremes’ which stared well-known Icelandic artists. A few months later he won a six-month residency in Madrid thanks to his artistic-educational project ‘Music in the Street and Social Contamination’ funded by the Italian institutions Regione Lombradia and Fondazione Cariplo. In November 2014 he started his PhD studies at the University of Granada, Spain dealing with non-formal music education. He is actively involved as a performer, educator and project manager in several projects all over Europe in a variety of contexts and music genres.

Bjarni Gunnarsson (Iceland)

Icelandic Composer / Sound artist. Released numerous LP´s, EP´s, compilation tracks and reworks on labels like Vertical Form, Thule, Uni:form, Spezial Material, Trachanik, Lamadameaveclechien, Shipwrec and 3LEAVES. Perfomed his music in concerts and festivals in Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland and Iceland. Collections of his solo works can be found on the CD “Safn 2006-2009”, released by the Belgium label LMALC in 2010 and on his most recent « Processes & Potentials » released by 3LEAVES in 2013. Concerned with process-based ideas. Sounds focusing on internal activity and motion. Compositions that put into foreground behaviors, actions, fluid sound structures, fuzzy materials or forms. Music without sharp boundaries. Interested in exploring the contact between composed computer sound structures and space. Has presented/worked in various spatial configurations such as at the WFS system in Leiden (192 speakers), the WFS system in Berlin (832 speakers), the BEAST system in Birmingham (up to 100 speakers), GRM Paris as well as recent 8 and 4 channel formations. Studied composition with Gerard Pape, Trevor Wishart, Agostino Di Scipio and Curtis Roads at the CCMIX music center in Paris and has recently completed a masters degree at the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of music in Den Haag with Paul Berg, Kees Tazelaar and Richard Barrett. Currently working with algorithmic composition, generative environments, compositions and live electronics. Also working on new material with his long-lasting electronic music duo Einóma, and for MGBG, a duo of voice and electronics with Marie Guilleray.